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Mobile App Development

We use the latest technology solutions for mobile application development to facilitate your business growth and brand recognition.

Web Development

We provide engaging and attractive web interfaces that are responsive and responsible for your customer's engagement needs with your business.

Internet Of Things

We at Technogigz produce excellent IoT-enabled apps. So, if you have a great concept for an IoT application, we have reliable and affordable solutions waiting for you!.

Blockchain Development

As blockchain continues to spread its legs in digitization we build our expertise to cope with the ever growing technology to provide all solutions for the blockchain technology.

Digital Marketing

We make you stand out of the crowd by promoting your business or brand to all the interactive audiences available out there.

iOS App Development

By offering businesses streamlined services for iOS platforms, Technogigz helps them broaden their horizons. We offer our clients optimal services by combining experience and technology in the right way. It takes a robust process to create a robust app. We use a framework that is focused on achieving results when creating our iOS apps.

AI/ML Development Services

As AI/ML is seen as the future of technology, we have moulded our solutions and team to the advancement of the technology and bring cost-effective yet feasible solutions for our clients.

Dedicated Teams

It's crucial for a client to contact a business with a committed team of pros. A client anticipates that the job he assigns will be user-friendly and have a professional touch. This is only possible if the task is divided up into appropriate teams and segments. At Technogigz, we make a point of having a committed team to deliver the best results.

UI/UX Design

We at Technogigz are committed to building websites with unparalleled UI and UX designs. We make sure to cater to the needs of our clients and provide them with original suggestions to improve their judgement. Having said that, Technogigz offers you the service at a fee that is affordable and won't break the bank.


We provide customized chatbots for your business and do not use any third-party services, to match all your customer support and catering needs.

IT Strategy & Software Consulting

Our goal at Technogigz is to give you highly effective consulting solutions and strategies. We've established a solid reputation by offering excellent solutions.

Research & Development (R&D)

If you have your development team and just want to get over the technology or shift to a new technology stack. We at Technogigz do extensive research on how to add new technologies or shift to a new one without any hassle.


Adapting the new operations methodology and combining it with the latest development techniques, we at Technogigz use best practices to take your ideas to reality.

Graphics Design

The inventiveness and ability to leave a lasting impression possessed by our graphic designers are well acknowledged. What miraculous accomplishment do they pull off? They use a few of the most cutting-edge instruments to achieve it.

Custom Portal Development

Because of its track record of creating client-specific software, Technogigz has experienced significant commercial development. So come to us for assistance in solving your problems!


QA & Testing

This crucial step ensures the quality of a developed product before delivering it to end-users. Security and longevity of your product are our primary responsibility.

Android App Development

Flexible ongoing technical support and general maintenance are the key elements in a long-term cooperation with our clients. That’s how we work!


SaaS as the delivery business app software has a range of benefits for your modern business model and we can be of help to you with its implementation.

API development

A strong API approach helps companies integrate communications into business processes. The best channel to accelerate your business and remain competitive.

E-Commerce development

It’s not only about selling and buying products. We are ready to offer you advanced e-commerce professional solutions for better business operations.


We have deep and well-researched expertise in developing and creating applications for the Microsoft Sharepoint platform.

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